Education and Entrepreneurship will prevent pediatric burns and reduce energy poverty.


Kerosene Risks

50,000 burns

The fourth leading injury in the world is burns. Many of these burns come from using kerosene as an energy source.

Energy Poverty

10 -15% income

The high cost of kerosene takes such a large portion of the average income that it hinders financial stability. 


Micro Lending

$100 Startup

You can help entrepreneurs provide safe lighting sources to their local communities. Help them make a difference.

Your Contributions

$10 purchase

Your purchase of a safe light will change a child’s life and their family. Just $10 will make a difference.

Ready to be part of the solution? Start backing a Sorie Entrepreneur.


Learn about Sorie, his Kerosene burns, and our experience with his family’s journey through extreme trauma to hope and healing. Sorie and the effort to save other children are why we do what we do.