Jim Pierce is the Director of The Sorie Project. He and his wife Emily are proud parents and founders of The Sorie Project. Together they have shared their love for Sorie and the people of Sierra Leone with others in such a moving way that change was inevitable.


Adam joined The Sorie Project’s Board of Directors with significant experience in advertising, technology, and finance. He felt moved to assist those in need to have better access to technologies that improve the quality of life and reduce the dangers associated with antiquated methods. Outside of work, Adam enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Anne, family and friends.


As a mother of two and wife, Jennifer believes that the world can be healed by the actions of one person looking out for another. This mentality and willingness to offer a hand to anyone in need led to her joining the board of The Sorie Project. Her main focus is always to offer more to those in need and in turn, this helps to see God’s hand in all things. 


Barbie Day:  board member, apologist, evangelist, missionary and teacher. Out of all the titles I carry, two that are dear to my heart are wife and mom. My family has supported me through many trials, trips and crisis. I am proud of each member of my family and am impatient to see what the Lord has planned for them. 


My name is Dryden Mitchell and I own a small oil and gas company operated in Oklahoma City, Ok. I’m so grateful to be a part of the Sorie Project. God’s grace has given me so much by way of a beautiful wife and child and having the opportunity to go the nations and spread the good news of Jesus Christ all over the world. His grace is sufficient always.